Starting supperstories and wishing a happy New Year 2013 !

Landmarke Angerpark

I’ve decided to start the new year implementing one of many resolutions, but the most important one by now: starting supperstories.

For a quite long time I’ve been thinking about starting my blog and I constantly found excuses for postponing it. I must admit I’m constantly battling with the technik, but it’s mostly like this when learning by doing. I hope this will become better and better.

To exit 2012 I’ve visited a kind of magic place: Landmark Angerpark in Duisburg named ‚Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain‘. It is a giant walkable sculpture built in steel and zinc. This dancing ribbon inspired me and let faith arise in me I’ll soon reach my own aims…

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2013. Let this New Year be the one, where all your dreams come true. Sometimes you need to have luck but other times you have to struggle and seek to let your dreams come true. So remember the most important: don’t give your dreams up and believe in you!

_1050542 _1050537 _1050531Tiger and Turtle


Über angica

I love what I live: daydreaming ▪ architecture ▪ photography ▪ travel ▪ silence ▪ art ▪ my curiosity ▪ books ▪ abstraction ▪ languages ▪ dialogues ▪ writing ▪ museums ▪ sea ▪ guitar ▪ colour blue ▪ food ▪ details ▪ filigree ▪ change ▪ motion ▪ my freckles ▪ manual work ▪ piano ▪ colour white ▪ flamenco music ▪ salt water ▪ haiku ▪ sweets ▪ warmth ▪ reduction ▪ lateral thinking ▪ inspirations ▪ yoga ▪ sand ▪ light, light and more light.
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5 Antworten zu Starting supperstories and wishing a happy New Year 2013 !

  1. Heike Schaffrin schreibt:

    I’m very impressed by these fotos. I have a special relationship to the city of Duisburg and this construction, built up in Angerpark, shows me a new perspective. Sometimes the way you have to go isn’t straight but takes some loops…

    • angica schreibt:

      Dear Heike, Tiger and Turtle is a gorgeous symbol for the city of Duisburg. I feel I have to visit this place soon again and try the loops…

  2. Bianca schreibt:

    Angelica, this is great – I am looking forward to reading your blog and connect with you – Good luck, and many beautiful inspirations along the way! Also, we should visit Duisburg, and Duesseldorf, this year, very cool, need to check this out!
    xo Bianca

  3. Barbara schreibt:

    Angelica, the first image is great. Very good point of view. When I was there, I found out that appearently I am not a perfect acrobat, not free from giddiness but finally overcame my fears and went through it from both sides. A great chance to make lots of images…..

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