Monatsarchiv: März 2013

Not love at first sight

I already knew Palermo is usually not love at first sight. Hail and heavy rain alternately welcomed me. I only had to walk 800 meters from the central station to the hotel. Unfortunately I encircled my destination without finding it. … Weiterlesen

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leaving for Sicily

I love living in Düsseldorf. But honestly, today I’m extremely happy of departing tomorrow to Italy. After a long, dark and cold winter in Germany I’m desperately longing for southern light and temperatures. My soul needs urgently a change of … Weiterlesen

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Strips telling stories

I’m not only focused on capturing a beautiful face. I want to make portraits which tell stories: love stories, life stories. They should express feelings of happiness, anger, fear, confidence, hope. They don’t have to show a perfect make up … Weiterlesen

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Walking through a world of lights

I walk in the moonless dark through the frozen Gruga Park. With half frozen and aching fingers I ask myself why I’m here and not at home sitting in front of my fireplace. Suddenly I discover them. Luminous creatures appear … Weiterlesen

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