Monatsarchiv: April 2013

A voyage to Lilliput

I’m always very excited when I visit the biggest art venue Europe’s: the Gasometer. And this time I certainly had a good reason for being excited. As I passed through the heavy doorways, I stood astonished feeling like a midget … Weiterlesen

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Imposing landscapes vs. fading facades

After a long and scary ride through dark and slippery serpentine roads we finally arrived at Case Vecchie where Fabrizia and Béa were waiting for us. I recovered amazingly fast from the very exhausting journey at the sight of the … Weiterlesen

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The most beautiful book store

I love books immensely. I adore having them in my hands and caressing their silky pages and even more if they seduce me with beautiful photography. I visit very often bookshops in Düsseldorf but I have to admit that I … Weiterlesen

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