The other face half

other face half by night
Who doesn’t associate immediately Paris with exquisite fashion, deep love, excessive glamour, decadent luxury, formidable food and beautiful people?
But how does the other face half of this city, really look like?
In my trips I’m always forward to discover the ‘ordinary’ side of a place.
Walking through narrow side streets and wandering along solitary lanes in parks I was lucky to experience scenarios which showed me the real Paris. Handsome and unacquainted sights exposing a completely new story line…by night and by day.
other face half by day
I’ll surely keep these pictures far longer in my mind than sophisticated and overstuffed scenes.


Über angica

I love what I live: daydreaming ▪ architecture ▪ photography ▪ travel ▪ silence ▪ art ▪ my curiosity ▪ books ▪ abstraction ▪ languages ▪ dialogues ▪ writing ▪ museums ▪ sea ▪ guitar ▪ colour blue ▪ food ▪ details ▪ filigree ▪ change ▪ motion ▪ my freckles ▪ manual work ▪ piano ▪ colour white ▪ flamenco music ▪ salt water ▪ haiku ▪ sweets ▪ warmth ▪ reduction ▪ lateral thinking ▪ inspirations ▪ yoga ▪ sand ▪ light, light and more light.
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2 Antworten zu The other face half

  1. Sandrine schreibt:

    I like that! I’m currently in Paris enjoying being a tourist and I agree the „behind the scene“ is very often the most interesting.

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