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Beautiful Düsseldorf

A loveable city on the Rhine… Advertisements

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Architecture in Cologne

Straight and curved in perfect balance

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Getting into the groove

It’s almost midnight and the former railway station is overcrowded. Not with travellers as it used to be a long time ago. Nowadays the trend location hostesses night flea and design markets and it’s visited by young people moving at … Weiterlesen

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In permanent motion

Light falls through the filigree white concrete structure like water through a sieve. It’s high summer and the sun rays reach its peak. I have to protect my eyes from the radiant light and I enjoy standing in middle of … Weiterlesen

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A city in good mood

The triathlon  in its third year transforms the city of Düsseldorf once again. After many weeks of cold and wet summer, the clouds finally pull away to allow warm sunbeams to caress nervous athletes and enthusiastic bystanders. A considerable area … Weiterlesen

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Istanbul drives me food crazy

It is exactly one year since I last visited Istanbul. I wasn’t aware how deep my longing for this city was, till I started the countdown and the time didn’t seem to go by. When I finally was embarked for … Weiterlesen

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Opposites playing happily together

Once again I visited the Kolumba Museum in Cologne which houses the Roman Catholic Archdiocese’s collection of art. Each time I enter this museum I immediately feel the friendly dialogue between past and present. The new museum building, rising delicately … Weiterlesen

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