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Matter of seduction

Orange light bodies looking directly into the sun. Into a night sun. Maybe into a star. Daylight is nowhere to see. The gelatinous fluid is trembling on the smooth and cold surface. Fright tremble? Iciness tremble? Excitement tremble? The surrounding … Weiterlesen

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Celebrating summer

After doing a lot of travelling in the past months, I’m now settling down. The lived experiences prevail rumouring wildly in my mind and soul. I’ve been remembering the gorgeous days I spend in March on Sicily. Only three months … Weiterlesen

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Istanbul drives me food crazy

It is exactly one year since I last visited Istanbul. I wasn’t aware how deep my longing for this city was, till I started the countdown and the time didn’t seem to go by. When I finally was embarked for … Weiterlesen

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Imposing landscapes vs. fading facades

After a long and scary ride through dark and slippery serpentine roads we finally arrived at Case Vecchie where Fabrizia and Béa were waiting for us. I recovered amazingly fast from the very exhausting journey at the sight of the … Weiterlesen

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leaving for Sicily

I love living in Düsseldorf. But honestly, today I’m extremely happy of departing tomorrow to Italy. After a long, dark and cold winter in Germany I’m desperately longing for southern light and temperatures. My soul needs urgently a change of … Weiterlesen

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