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out of the blue

Please note my posting ‚out of the blue‘ on I won’t further be using this blog address. I would love if you continue following me. Advertisements

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Moving on

This was one of my intents for the now starting year and I didn’t want to prolong it any longer: I’m moving on to a new address and I invite you to follow me under From now on I’m … Weiterlesen

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Again one year ends and a new one starts…but I definitively hope 2015 will be as gorgeous as my previous year. Thankfully, 2014 was a fantastic year for me. The past twelve months were positively marked by innovations, small and … Weiterlesen

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Flash of inspiration

The start of a new year is peak season for travel planning and booking. As I don’t love to spend half winter as an armchair traveller, I thought Paris would be the right city to get the first flash of … Weiterlesen

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New Year’s resolution

Do I have a New Years resolution for 2014? Yes and no. Both. I decided to retake the idea of keeping in flow with everything that moulds my life and my thoughts. I hope my body, my mind and my … Weiterlesen

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Windows with new perspectives

Once again the Academy of Arts of Düsseldorf opened its doors for visitors. Works of current students are shown five days long and what’s best is you can meet them and even exchange ideas. Every workshop and hallway displays not … Weiterlesen

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White sprinkling…

White sprinkling… After I’ve tried dozens of apple cake recipes I luckily discovered the apple Sharlotka recipe in the Smitten Kitchen blog. I love the softness of this moist and fruity cake. Its flavour is vivid due to the collision … Weiterlesen

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