Beautiful Düsseldorf

beautiful Düsseldorf-9883176
A loveable city on the Rhine…

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Architecture in Cologne

Straight and curved in perfect balance


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Horse racing Sunday

Very young horses are competing today. They are only two or three years old. Their first race.
Their inexperience is obvious. Their nerves are skin deep.
I’m standing very close to the start boxes and I feel the contagious nervousness.
My attention is completely fixed to the animals. I don’t care about the joyful families around me. I don’t even notice the extravagant hut show passing by.
I’m deeply impressed by the well-muscled four legged majesties.

The young horses run in circles with jerky movements behind the start. They keep kicking back and forth till they are forced into their narrow start boxes.
Only the experienced jockeys keep dominating the struggling strength of the youngsters.
At the very instant the last of the animals is caged I hear the dull sound of the starter’s gun.
The boxes open their metal doors loudly and the quadrupeds sprint onto the racetrack.
The sight of the movement lightness and at the same time the massive horsepower makes me instantly get gooseflesh.
I am astonished over and over.

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Believe you can and you will


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people-watching title
I think I haven’t mentioned jet: I love people-watching immensely.
It’s for me an enormously interesting activity and to make it absolutely
perfect I need to have my camera or at least my iPhone ready to shoot.
It can be very amazing watching people’s behaviour, watch what they
eat and how they eat. To watch how they wear what they wear. To
interprete gestures without hearing the spoken words. Not few times
I’m deep astonished about patterns I’ve never seen before but which
seem to be for others perfectly normal.

I have travelled a lot. I have seen a lot. But
nevertheless I constantly discover situations which delight me and
make me thoughtful at the same time. I wonder.
I love to sit in populated places in for me unknown downtowns being
annonymous between the crowds and being able to observe without being
observed. Or at least believing not being observed.
Making photos of situations without being noticed or just being ignored.
Sometimes people-watching turns into street photography, if I’m fast
enough capturing this unexpected second which will never come back in
the same constellation.
Other times people-watching is just a marvelous way to spend exquisite hours….

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Between deserts

During my flight to San Francisco I was already dreaming of the burning sun and hot temperatures that were expecting me at my arrival at the American West Coast.
I wasn’t really aware that the route of the Scandinavian plane was passing over Greenland.
It was highly amazing thinking of the heat which was awaiting me in Death Valley while looking at white and icy landscapes…

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Matter of seduction

matter of seduction
Orange light bodies looking directly into the sun. Into a night sun. Maybe into a star. Daylight is nowhere to see.
The gelatinous fluid is trembling on the smooth and cold surface.
Fright tremble? Iciness tremble? Excitement tremble?
The surrounding darkness makes colour appear with all its intensity, surpassing vivacity.
Not simply food.
A matter of seduction.

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